MerinoSoft super Lace

MerinoSoft super Lace
100 gram = 1600 meter

this is the abolute top of the bill in Merino
it is a merinotype that gives the same effect of soft cashmere
it is because here we have done the theoretical calculation for the type of thread we want
the type of softness we want , and then go back reserse engeneer the thread in fuction of these parameters
so the micronage of the wool and the lenght of the fiber are here specifical choosen for makign this marvel
it results in a marvelous cordonnet 3 folded ply that has micro pills of 250micron long stiking out
wich gives a duvet effect, that results in a uttermost soft touch effect
it is stunning!!!
most beleve it is cashmere.....

it is PERFECT for all you knitting lace projects
the reason is that it is very round in structur but at the same time the micoduvet effect makes it
possibel to hold very complexe open shetland lace motifs

Merinosoft SPORT
100 gram = 300 meter

Merinosoft Fine
100 gram = 500 meter

Merinosoft Super Lace
100 gram = 1600 meter