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Bart & Francis
open door day
monday 15  augsutus 2022

overleiestraat 59
8500 kortrijk
in the most exotique contry know as belgium
12,00h till 16,00h

due to excessive temperatures in our production
you should know we stoke with steam for our deying coloring etc
so it is already as hot as hell because of all the steam heating
for the boilers and water flows etc
so simply said it is to warm to go on with production
we do have airconditioning in our production halls but
if you think a little bit it is crazy to heat with to pricy gas first and then to airco  the rooms only to be able to contineu working
no we decided to close dawn all roduction
so we will pospone also the 3 big destockage days from august till end september
or beginning october   dates will folow soon
but we will open the normal opendoorday the 5th august
so be aware there will not be destockage of older collections
only our regular collections wich is already substancial

August 15 promo and novelties
but we will certainly have an extremely large offer of our novelties on the 15th
there will be 120 new colors in the powdersoft available
that in itself is a miracle
in addition, a whole series of merinosoft Fine
a whole range of merinosoft Sport
and a phenomenal array of
cashmeres that will knock you back with softness
and the price....
so come off




44%  ECO european pureselected  linnen
22%  ECO Egyptian cotton
22%  pure BiO viscose
12%  BiO responsible polyamide

a marvelous special structure
fine and nice
matt from the linnen and with a special kinky soft gloss in it

100gram cone  = 1350 meters
7,50€  --> 2,95€

for summer knittings perfect in 3 ply knitted on a 3,50mm
for weaving perfect
for crochet perfect

this is not soft soft like cashmere or wool
linnen is harder in touch  so know this


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we are not a normal shop
we are a textile laboratorium for the industry
and so we are only open for the public dring those opendoor days
always look before leaving your home
during those crasy days of covid.. dates can change

as always: reductions do not count on precious metals, metals , weavinglooms, weavingaccesoires, workshops