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Bart & Francis
friday 15 december 2023
saterday 16 december 2023
overleiestraat 59
8500 kortrijk
12 till 16h

christmax shopping

the last days to buy luxery wools for your loved ones
and lesser wools for the rest of the inlaws
the ones you got for free by wedding ...
we all have them
we all love them from far away
so it is the momentto buy some pritey looking wools for them
we ahve it all
pure mouth watering luxery yanrs
that keep you warm and loved
and all the rest as well

on those 2 days we will present you wuth a range of realy
stunning marvelous new ones
and also some must og wools  at rediculous prices

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
S U P E R  P R O M O
we added new promo packs in the collection
of the more then stunning kid silk mohair
the best there is to find in moahir
the silk is marvelous shiny an dgives a stunning effect in the end result

for giving you an idee for a pullover M/L in jersey
you need on a 4,00mm 1000 -1200 meter
1 hanks  =50gram  = 500meter