Original Old Flanders

1 Totaal pak 80/2 Nec - 100/2 Nec - 120/2 Nec 3 x 1000meter

Original Old Flanders
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This range is made specialy for the finer laces and other more requiering textile techniques.
Particular for finer laces like Original Old Flanders, torchon,,,,,
We do not just make somethingh or anythingh,
we always take the base material in consideration,
take it as mother nature intended it like a perfect creation of pure luxuriuos fibres.
If mother nature made somethingh compleet, whit all it should be, whom are we to try to make it differend?
That is the reason wy we offer you this compleet range of cottons in there natural state color
a very nice touch of nature in cream cotton colour.
Please remember alwus that for colouring cotton you need to bleech it.....
you are all women and know what bleech can do to your hair, so what does it to cotton do you think? indeed,,,,,
Not only for this cotton but for practicly all we do we tend to avoid all possible chemical bazaar.
in short: whit cotton is alwaus les stronger then natural state colour cotton.