kuriketto Paper

1 streng/hank 100% Japanese paper origine 250 gram = 2250 meter

kuriketto Paper
kuriketto Paper
kuriketto Paper
kuriketto Paper
kuriketto Paper
kuriketto Paper
kuriketto Paper
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kuriketto Paper

kuriketto paper is a pure Japan origine paper
a traditional semi artisanal production
this type of production is not very old
only over 100 years and was developed in the industrial revolution from Japan
that revolution started a bit later then the european version...
as you know Japanese culture has a formal and special relation ship with paper and paper derivates

this paper structure has a very crunchy crispy and soundy touch it makes marvelous soft zen inducing noises

it has a special demi matt or half bright dull effect
its has a sheen of silkyness and a profound depth in translucence aswell
but it is not transparant at all!!!!
composition is PURE JANAPAESE plant fibers for making this typical japanese paper ribbon

it is marvelous in weaving into obis kimonos placepats and all types of possible and impossible textile prodcuts
it is trong enough for using it in weaving in chain!!!

perfect to for knitting crochet braiding etc etc

1 hank is +-250 gram  and has a lenght of 2250 meters

also because it is paper you can make stunning colors on it
for this type of paper  best make use of cotton linne etc coloring pigments/colorants

if you have a finished product you can easyly use transfers on it to imprint on it
you use it as a sheet of paper.... it is after all PAPER