Kristel Salgarollo


colaboration with  KRISTEL SALGAROLLO
she has made a stunning project
a wunder of color and form

those whom do not know here: she has her roots in the royal academi of fine arts of antwerp
her passion started in Grafics and stayed that way
that is the reason she stil makes those very stunning graphic creations
in knitting crochet and in all her patshwork and other textile projects
it is very strong work
well do not beleive me.... see for yourself

we have now a combination of our forces
as we do our wunders in threads (we put all our love in them)
she uses them to make her pasionat projects

here you see the first of our collaboration
our baby.. a combination of shantung Yaspee silk

a marvelous Sjaal 100% sahntung yaspee silk colors

and then as that is not enough in marvel, she made an ensemble
a parfait deux( stunning double) to go with it

and beause she was bitten by the stunning result of the silk threads
she made an more stunnign sjaal
a real eye catsher for coctail evening
or just to put around you to let others marvel at the beauty you wear

she sells the packages and she also sells the patterns