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het is een bijproduct van de cosmetica industrie
en dus een vorm van recyclage naar een herbruikbare basis grondstof
gewonnen uit de kelpvelden aan de zuidafrikaanse kust
deze kelp wordt gewonnen in eerste instantie voor de proteinen en micronutrienten voor
het vervaardigen van "jeugdheids en regenererende" zalven en pommades
de rest van de plant (want velen vergeten dat kelp en zeewieren in hoofdzaak planten zijn)
wordt herwerkt tot deze wonderbaarlijke draad

Zeealgen  Sea Algues Fantasy MiX 60gr = 200meter

Zeealgen Sea Algues Fantasy MiX    60gr = 200meter

75% sea algues special enzym bleached for white color +25 black PeS see more info on detail page

Zeealgen Sea Algues Fantasy Spun color Wit

75% sea algues special enzym bleached for white color +25 black PeS
all  sea algues components (differend threads) are of 100% sea algues to make this marvelosu special fantasy spun thread

this was a very recent creation for one purpose only
to do tests on a new type of enzym bleaching proces and to see in what way e can controll the proces to give extra white color to the fibers
because the parameters of the test are so in terms of ecology and bio equitable  water waste management
we had to see how to do the bleaching and use as less as possibel water to do so

so the result is perfect but there is a but for you as end user
if you will smell  the thread you will still smel the left over of the breakdown of the enzyms
we did not wash them out because in industrial terms it can be used directly to color  to weave to knit or other textiel aplications
beause in the end of hte proces  finaly then is doen a washing program and the smell wil go away

it is not hell on earth smell so dont worry 
but we mention it so there are no questions asked aftewards

 the result is perfect

also note that we hae doen a test with the seaalges as a filament thread and not as the short fiber version we normaly use
the reason is that it gives a very high gloss and luxury style image
important to knwo also is that it may not be heated above 90°C or you will have a gradualy duler effect on the yanr

enjoy it
we certainly did

€ 10.00