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E-Textile Metal body-use type 02 100 meter /cone

20% InoX steel +80% PES see texte info for more details

Article code: ET 3702

E-Textile Metal  body-use type  02  100 meter /cone

Special InoX steel alloy of super fine wire 25 Micron
multi-gimped and multi filament in X 
(=cross overlay construction, so aswell in S torsion spun and in Z torsion Overspun in multiples times) 
to obtain a special stress resistant cohesion of the thread
and this on bases of a very strong  also multilayered  PA (poly-amide) composition

we call it the boby-use type 01

it goes very well in indusrial sewing machines and is uttermost good for
the more rafine electro components in rather softer textile garments

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