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Bart & Francis
Next opendoor day
30 september 2018
10u - - 16u
overleiestraat 59
8500 kortrijk belgium

+ expo and sale of knitting patterns by:
the absolute zenmaster in superb fine logical knits

+expo and sale of special knitting and textile bags by:
Rachel Hardy  aka Fiberrachel
a technical wunderchild of textile techniques
there is almost nothingh she an NOT DO
it is the godes ALL MOTHER of technique
throw her a bit of yar and cloth and you get a stuning bag faster thrown in return
and not just a bag...;ooo noooo a stunning complex perfect sewn construction

+expo and sale of one of our own prodegy women of  BELGIUM
Anne-Sylvie Godeau  
belgium grown cultivated and elaborated color pigments
100% pure out of our nature here
100% marvelous natural colors
for paining and for textiel use
she is very modest but in fact she is a master in chemestry and colors

more information will foloow shortly
but to make you drool a bit more now
this i can say
we wil have special actions around a destocking of one of our silks
the silks we use for calibration of our spinning machines
a lot of them can go find new homes at the marvelous reduction of 
-85%........ YES indeed -85%  
BUY 2  + 2 extra free
merinosoft Fine colors 2017--2018
merinosoft Sport colors 2017--2018

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we ONLY send maximum 2 mails per month
sometimes none
so you will not be swamped by mails from our side