LINO FLANDRICA special knit

the best of the best in old and super new technology combined
to become a super linnen knitting type thread
made in the multicolored mesh long to super long fiber mix
to obtain subtule color nuances and color changes
the thread is perfectly satblised for knitting
the perfect twist is obtained in combining the mesh sliver into a ready spun struture

see the color for yourself

it is marvelous special trendy color
14 all fitting colores collection 2020-2021-2022

the feel is soft linnen touch
you can handwash it
and the deardevils can gentle machone wash it on wool program
but that last is not on my account

a sample made by Stephen West in 2013
he used the grey linen and a mohairlatex fort he white stripes
but you can make the model completly in the linen to
that is uo to you

they are all put on hanks of 100gram
100gram = 120 meter
knit this rather softe then compact
please this is pure linen so do not make constipated knitted structures
becasue you will loos the softnes of the linen

the introduction price is
26,50 € -----> 12,50€

hanks of 100gram for the ridiculous introduction price of 12,50€
if you would buy this somewhere else, you will be more lookingtowards a price of 26,50€ pro hank of 100gram
and easely even more