shetland lace fading color

the extra long and super fine color change effect stretched on long color fading bands
this is super super fun to use for the uterine and extra special fine
shetland lace knitting projects
just do whatever you want in a shetland pattern and you will end up
whit a very nice looking sjaal
that bit of color that is even fading away in other colors
gives your project tithe extra marvelous touch
this is also perfect for weaving
and if you add it in knitting with a normal wool thread it gives an extra effect in your knit aswell
on the website i will add later on special examples of it

65% FINE SELECTED european origine Landwool
30% of the wool is from up cycled wool
the upcycledwool is 100% origine EU recycling its textiles again
35% Polyacryl /polyamide mix (50/50%)

again this is machine washable on wool program
but please be careful if you made lace patterns
lace patterns are better washed by hand
never try to trick the devil …
it will end mostly bad

+88gram = +1200meters

trend color collections winter 2021-2022

buy 1 of them and get extra 1 the same color with is
that is a -50% reduction